Why do we fail?

No Engagement=No Learning
Struggling students are those who are under the radar and are quiet or they are the students who act out

How Students Succeed-Engage Them in Success
· Teach students how they learn rather than how you teach
· Form relationships
· Tell a Story
· Use people talk-street talk
· Relevant vocabulary
· Hook the students
· Delivery always needs to be a dialog.... not a one way conversation!!
· Interact personally each step of the lesson
· Call students by name
· Ask questions---refer to the student by name
· Rigorous expectations for students-if your students fail...you fail...take responsibility! (Do not say...well I taught it...they just did not learn it) You must ask yourself WHY!! And then re-teach it so that they will master it...do not go on...re-teach.
· Have the courage to change...
· High expectations
· Brainwash students and let them know that they will learn..they will be successful! Help the to internalize their goals.
· Positive environment
· Did I say interact with your students!
· Rigorous exit price....always ask students to show you what they learned today....before exiting class
    • Break concepts into smal steps
    • Scaffolding techniques can include displaying graphics, activating prior knowledge, modeling an activity beforehand, and introducing motivational techniques to pique student interest.
Teach Back--interactive
Keep everyone in the hot seat...so they never know who is going to have to answer the question