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Keynote:Dan Meyer
Technology and Common Core Mathematics
  1. Presenting with Chromebook while OFFLINE.
    1. saved doc/slide to offline mode
  2. Enthusiastic Start
    1. “Forgive us if your students love this stuff [common core curriculum]”
  3. The problem:
    1. Only in math problems can you buy 60 cantaloupes and no won asks what the hell is wrong with you(Peanut Cartoon)
    2. Far Side Comic
      1. Gates of Heaven: “Just one question, if a train leaves New York at x mph…”
    3. Frozen:
      1. References song “Let it Go” from Frozen
      2. uses “fractals” in verse
  4. A short digression:
    1. JT volunteered as a math resource teacher
    2. Took normal pattern blocks, and added regular pentagons
      1. Tables go only one type of pattern block (triangle, square, pentagon, or hexagon)
      2. Task = tile the table no empty space
      3. Problem with pentagons, show/explain why
    3. Fibonacci
      1. 1,1,2,3,5,... f(n)=f(n-1)+f(n-2)
      2. Doesn’t matter why numbers you start with, series still converges to Phi
      3. The essential question that leads into project: Why? Students do the research and present
        1. satisfies all 8 SMPs
    4. 7 bridges of Konesburg
      1. actually exists at a place in Brazil (use Google Maps)
  5. Knights of Knowledge
    1. free web app from Chrome WEb Store
  6. Use Geogebra to find pattern in Art (import picture then look for flow (parametric equations)
  7. Logo
    1. Have students create fractal art using free programming software: Scratch from MIT
  8. Programming - the next step
    1. Wolfram Programming Language = next big thing, look for it next cue
  9. Next Gen Manipulatives = 3D printing, make your own
    1. Use 3D visualizing software with polyhedra showing Euler’s relationship with faces edges and vertices
    2. Play Brussel Sprouts
  10. Use Celtic Art to discuss Knot Theory
    1. Knot Plot = software for knots
  11. Towers of Hanoi
    1. What happens with you use more than 3 posts?
    2. What is the pattern for more posts and number of additional moves necessary?
  12. Back to Pentagons/Polygons
    1. Introduce Penrose tiling,
      1. Start with a center pentagon, what is the symmetry?external image image?w=239&h=119&rev=166&ac=1
      2. Start with 2 center pentagons, then what is the symmetry?
  13. References:
    1. __dthornburg@aol.com__