Websites from CUE Conference to check out

This is the Google Doc for all presentations. ALL CUE Handouts
Core Technologies for the Common Core (Saved Presentation)
  • Google drive embedded research tool go to tools go to research.....
  • Creates a mka apa chicago
  • Google...adds on Kalzena easy bib bibliography....table of contents
Newsela----creates lexile level and quires.....takes article and sets it to the lexile level of your students

Newsela is free for students to explore a world of nonfiction and test their comprehension. Updated daily with real-world news from major publications, students can participate in conversation about the most urgent topics of our time, all while becoming stronger readers. 5 levels to differentiate

Evernote---classroom observation...take to me about what you are learning....reflection...share notes.Evernote reads text through google drive (WOW)

Online students feedback on their writting level (WOW)

Hemingway do an analysis of your writing....readability....analysis WOW!!!!!!!

Project Gutenberg-e texts-all free texts to use copyright free
Video editing tool in YouTube ......Creative Commons videos can be edited...and kids can make own video.
wevideo bring into google apps---edit videos easy and sophisticated stuff

Desmos--online calculator (replaces TI calculator)

Mind Mapping Tool

Flubaroo- Grade Assignments for you
Google Trends

Wolfram Alpha-wolfram alpha---solves equations

Infographics Archive---to build show statistical info in graphs and pictures

Wolfram|Alpha introduces a fundamentally new way to get knowledge and answers— not by searching the web, but by doing dynamic computations based on a vast collection of built-in data, algorithms, and methods.

Define words in GOOGLE.....use down arrow to find
origin,,,,and trends off word....evolution of language...translates...speaks
out and says word

Google Apps: 30 Tools, 2 Classrooms, 1 Year
Common Core Explorer (Common Sense)
Shows all the apps that go with each standard

Rae Fearing's Blog

Augmented Reality

Twitter @lconley86
  • Teacher centered....what would they like to learn
  • Tech rich/interactive
  • Promotes active learning
  • Values teacher's times & input
  • Facilitated
  • Interactive agenda-makes infographic
  • links videos or docs for more info
  • model what you use
  • Padlet for newsletter

Web 2.0 collaborative Learning Resources

Lesson Plans lesson plans

Flexible Learning Paths

Good Motivational Video-What Teachers Make-Taylor Mali

Global Belly Laugh Day

Creating Content for the Diverse Learners

Apps for Struggling Readers

Beyond Angry Birds

The Daring Librarian

Hal Davidson-Discovery Education

Flubarro-Grade online Assignments in under a minute

Great ideas for PD.....PLN

Google Apps Story

Year book picture maps to video-pictures become videos

Online Utility Free Online Software, Computer Programs & Computer Tools

Sock Puppets- cute ap
Sock Puppets lets you create your own lip-synched videos and share them on Facebook and YouTube. Add Puppets, props, scenery, and backgrounds and start creating. Hit the record button and the puppets automatically lip-synch to your voice

TELLAGAMI----PUT TOGETHER IN imovie only 30 sec videos
HAIKU DECK--to create presentations....lots of free images..type
finds images in creative common ...also creates graphs
You can combine haiku deck, cloud art and imovie to create a presenation

Download iMovie for iPad $4.99
TouchCast is a foundational technology platform for the future of the video web. You will soon find our video tools and players on phones, tablets, desktops and in broadcast control rooms and studios. Join us in ushering a new age of the web, where video is the canvas and all the interactivity happens inside
EDUCREATIONS-Teach what you know (great app to screen capture what you are doing)

PHOSTER ($1.99)-Make your own Poster

App-Solutely Common Core
Packwoman's Tech in Progress

Apps in Class

Fishing for Technology

TouchCast----great for screencasting...flipped screen....telepromter...housed spots in presentations for quizzes

Audioboo---create short podcasts

ONE Dream....check this website
Collaboration Apps

SUBTEXT----close reading embed comprehension checks book blogs or forum
discussions student discussion in the app.
Subtext is a free iPad app that allows classroom groups to exchange ideas in the pages of digital texts. You can also layer in enrichment materials, assignments and quizzes—opening up almost limitless opportunities to engage students and foster analysis and writing skills.

Google Drive- Replaces Office -collaborative and make comments

Mindoro----brainstorming mind mapping and collaboration

Irig microphone $60 on amazon
Creativity Apps
  1. iBooks Author run a Mac-read on iPad
  2. Sketchbook Express -fun intutitive drawing application
  3. Creative Book Builder ....PDF or ePub Create multimedia books
  4. Phoster--digital posters and can do gallery walk
  5. Haiku Deck-copyright. Free photos
  6. Morfo-morph an image to make avatar

Deeper Learning

Critical Thinking Video

Pros and cons---good controversial questions.
  1. Questions open ended
  2. Go beyond facts
  3. Students to interact critically with content
  4. Challenge students to construct new knowledge

Online Discussion Tools
  1. Edmodo
  2. Schoology
  3. Collaborative cCassroom
  4. Voice Thread
  5. Wiikis
  6. Blogs
  7. Edublogs
  8. Google Groups
  9. Story Builder
  10. Today's Meet
  11. Google doc.....use comment tool

Mastering Online Discussion Boards (Edutopia 2009)
  • 182 questions to ask-NY Times
  • Crafting questioning for online discussion

Evan commercial babies in mirror-Great for the first Day Back
10 Ways Educators Can be a Marketing Genius like Lady Gaga
  1. Have an opinion
  2. Passionate about your teaching practice
  3. Persuade with passion, convince with care
  4. Leverage social media
  5. Be different
  6. Don't be-afraid to share----take use share
  7. Connect
  8. Consider branding yourself your school etc
  9. Don't be afraid to stir the pot
  10. Don't let the haters stop you

Did you know----- Fischer ----McLeod

The Daring Librarian

Augmented Reality
Fantastic Flying Books Mr. Morris Lessmore
Augmented reality book. You are in the room when things are flying around
  1. Planets 3D
  2. Bugs 3D

AURASMA---use with a 20dollar bill---- take a picture---it becomes a movie
Google Glass-Education Blog

Camera on your phone will show blood flow with an app
Smart phone into stethoscope
Quick scan 3D of your make a model (sandiego) $59

Free auto desk 3dmaker app 123d catch
Leap Motion

QR Codes in the Classroom

Resume QR code

How to Use QR Codes on Your Resume

I Nigma &download a QR Code

Meme--- know your memes
Know your meme (check this out)
It's a free online image maker that allows you to add custom resizable text to images

Great Jimmy Fallon video for QR Code
  1. QR Scavenger Hunt -------fun for Easter egg to pics and videos
  2. QR code for author hint
  3. QR code for lab

Kaywa QR Code Maker

Flicker gives you a terabyte of space....and can make comments...and can share to Creative Commons
QR Voice.....recorded QR code. Secret audio message
Zazzle to make QR jewelry