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Online webinars from CTAP

7 Things You Should Know About...

The EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative's (ELI's) 7 Things You Should Know About... series provides concise information on emerging learning technologies and related practices. Each brief focuses on a single technology or practice and describes:

  • Great place to collaborate
  • Use for staff meeting
  • Back channel during a presentation to ask questions and to poll audience
  • Encourage the room to use the live stream to make comments, ask questions, and use that feedback to tailor your presentation, sharpen your points, and address audience needs

Common Core- Digital Writing

  • Authentic use of technology
  • Offline and online
  • Various technology tools and mediums you can select and use those best suited to meet the communication goals
  • Blog, Twitter, Videos, Fan Fiction, You Tube, Graphs, Graphic Organizers
  • Evernote
  • Four anchor standards that speak to student technology use
  • Writing 6, Writing 8, Reading 7, and Speaking & Listening 5
  • Wikipedia-99% accuracy after first 3 days
  • Twitter in the Classroom>
  • Kings County Office of Education working on integrating technology and the CCS
  • Tumblr blog
  • Wallwisher Create a digital wall where you can place and rearrange notes, photos, videos, and more.

Creativity, Communication, Collaboration

  • Blogs, storytelling, collaborative tools
  • Edublog-very easy, this is an open blog
  • Blogger-a closed blog
  • You can blog on points of view, new ideas or have an expert blog and have students listen and voice their opinions.
  • My StoryMaker- My StoryMaker lets you control characters and objects - and creates sentences

Digital Story Telling
  • Animoto-Animoto turns your photos and video clips into professional video slideshows in minutes.
  • Gloster Poster yourself - Make your interactive poster easily and share it with friends. Mix Images, Text, Music and Video. It is fantastic!
  • PreziPrezi is a cloud-based presentation software that opens up a new world between whiteboards and slides. The zoomable canvas makes it fun to explore ideas
  • My Story Maker
  • VokiMotivate students to participate. Improve message comprehension. Introduce technology in a fun way. Utilize Voki as an effective language tool (Text-to- speech)
  • Create an in 6 words

Collaborative Tools
  • Google
  • Storybird
  • Wikispaces
  • VoiceThreadTransforming media into collaborative spaces with video, voice, and text commenting.
  • Wordle

Interesting mind map of best online-collaboration tools--updated weekly

Editing Tips and Word Games

Microblogging Tools Other Than Twitter

Vermont�s Transition to the Common Core State Standards:
English Language Arts

Frayer Model-CCSSI Toolkit

CLRN (California Learning Resource Network)

AutoDesk-free student resources

Wolfman Alpha
Wolfram|Alpha introduces a fundamentally new way to get knowledge and answers�
not by searching the web, but by doing dynamic computations based on a vast collection of built-in data, algorithms, and methods.

Flipped Classroom
Confessions of a Converter Lecturer-Dr Mazur

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Professional Development for me used to be about going to sessions on specific days and then trying to �bring back� what I�ve learned and incorporate it into my daily practice. Sometimes this was very challenging, I would get inundated with new information and find it very hard to apply what I learned into what I did on a day-to-day basis. Often my notes would be filed away, not to be seen again.
The Old Way
Sign up -> Go to session -> Take (paper) notes -> File notes away (with intentions to go back to them) -> Repeat.
Now Pro-D seems to be different for me. The key thing is that I don�t ever wait for Professional Development Days or conferences to initiate learning opportunities. In fact, my Pro-D choices stem from what I�m already learning about on Twitter, and sharing in other learning spaces like my blog, Diigo, and Scoop.it.
The New Way
Follow links on Twitter -> Dig deeper then blog my ideas -> Seek related Pro-D opportunities -> Connect to other participants -> Share as I learn -> Consolidate ideas and blog again -> Follow links on Twitter�
Now, Professional Development needs to change to accommodate a new kind of learning journey that participants are on:
1. Share resources, and make connecting easy, ahead of time.
2. Make sessions about action not information.
3. Use the skills of the participants (have them not just participate, but also lead).
1. Share resources/connecting ahead of time
2. Action, not information
  • Learning in Louisiana � I joined a team from November Learning to present to groups of teachers on the topics of Blogs, Wikis, Podcasting, PLN�s and other Web2.0 tools. Most of the event was hands-on with teachers having a lot of time to try the tools out.
  • Flat Classroom Conference � Beijing 2011 � We broke into teams and developed our own flat projects. I haven�t followed up with our �Reportizens� project yet, but I do think this is something I would like to pursue!
3. Use participants skills
  • EduBloggerCon events which include a �Smackdown� where participants share tools they like in rapid succession.
  • Edcamp � ��an unconference devoted to K-12 Education issues and ideas. A new kind of professional development dedicated to giving educators a voice.�
Putting these three pieces together isn�t easy. If you pre-load too much before hand, not everyone will come prepared. If you are all about action and not information, then why do people need to come to your sessions? If you empower participants to lead, some will thrive on it, while others will wonder why they paid if they had to help run a session.
You can please some people some times, but you can�t please all the people all the time!

It is hard for a one-hour session or even a conference to meet the needs of every participant. That said, I do think there has been a shift in expectations as more educators have become connected learners. For me and for many others, the Pro-D session of old can no longer meet our learning needs. We have flipped our professional development and now we want, we expect, to be active participants in our learning before, during, and after a professional development session.

Rushton Hurley

Zeitgeist 2011

Develop an exploratory culture for PD:
  • 60 seconds tell us something great that you are doing in your class with technology
  • Book talks
  • Ted Video discussions (Great resource for PLN)
  • Use edumondo or todaysmeeting.com

Talk with students....not at students!

Open Source Courses

Lessonopoly is a free tool that lets you manage your classroom, find and share lesson plans and connect with other teachers.

Web 2.0 Tools for iPad

Notetaker-audio notes and annotate PDF
NoteShelf-write like a notepad
Enhance your productivity! AudioNote combines the functionality of a notepad and voice recorder to create a powerful tool that will save you time while improving the quality of your notes!

Good Reader
Quick Office Pro ($19.99)
Keynote Remote (.99)
Splashtop Whiteboard allows teachers and students to turn their iPad into an interactive whiteboard. Once connected to their computer over Wifi, they can watch Flash media with fully synchronized video and audio, control favorite applications then annotate over lesson content all from an iPad. Now interact with students at their desk or from all four corners of the classroom!

California Open Campus Initiative-Riverside

The California Open Campus Initiative (CAOCI) is a consortia of 16 California school districts that are leveraging time, resources, and opportunity to expand online learning opportunities for California students and teachers with the overarching goal to increase college readiness. Funds are being sought to leverage virtual learning environments to distribute effective teaching and learning resources via the Internet, to support extended online learning opportunities to school districts and students attending consortia schools, to expand access to rigorous, online Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) learning resources to high-needs students, and to implement college-readiness programs that support student success and increase high school graduation and college entrance rates

Riverside Virtual School

Copy of tech plan on Ning:

  • Purposeful innovation
  • Purposeful abandonment of ideas that just don't work
  • Individualized student learning
  • Learn at the speed of the student instead of the speed of the system
  • Formal and informal learning
  • Reality-moving from a defined classroom to unrestricted learning
  • Student centric
  • Students not tied to a master schedule....when they are done with a course....they move to the next
  • Concurrent enrollment
  • Competency based learning
  • Teachers own the program
  • Abandoning time, place, path, and pace
  • Authentic learning experience
  • http://www.facebook.com/RVSLink
  • Accredited NCAA, UC Approved all courses
  • Shared curriculum and resources
  • Proctored tests, and wet labs
  • Online Class mirrors seat time class
  • Flipped, Blended, and totally online
  • Blended the students go "0" Period or 7th Period
  • Haiku
  • Very Collaborative
  • 4000,00 potential students...so great price on canned curriculum
  • BYOT and BYON (Bring your own network)
  • Students own their learner
  • Students and parents want choice....not totally online courses....there are only 127 students in virtual high school....most growth is in blended classes
  • Curriculum is free-teacher created http://rusdit.ning.com/
  • Each district collects its own ADA....and only cost if you purchase "canned curriculum"

Student Bill of Rights
Authorizes school districts, county offices of education, and charter schools to claim average daily attendance funding for student participation in approved online courses. Authorizes school districts to contract with public and private providers to deliver online courses taught by credentialed teachers.

Brokers of Expertise---Check in September for CCSEA's Professional Learning Modules for CCS

Closing Keynote-Steve Demo


College Confidential-
CollegeConfidential provides College Admissions, School Search, and Financial Aid Resources to students and parents, from Ivy League to State Colleges.
Beckerboy1225---read what he writes...then go to his FaceBook page....would you admit him to your college? Employee him?

Crowdspring-crowd sourcing graphic design and logo design

Stop-Motion App-uh-lu-cat-ion-Creative Resume


50% of people who apply for jobs through social media....earn 6 figures!!!
No presence online is almost as bad as having a bad online presence!!!

Kid Starter

Keep Your Kids Safe while Helping them Learn

Unlike restrictive, single function security solutions that may leave your kids and computer exposed, KidStarter provides a complete security environment that protects your kids while letting them independently learn and explore.

Scholar Match-Market Yourself
Connecting donors with students. Kids need to promote themselves

Caines Arcade-Passion Based Learning (Cardboard Arcade)


Creative Resumes

How to Have a Dynamic Resume

Stop-Motion App-uh-lu-cat-ion


Tufts University-Tufts is having students create a You Tube Video and market themselves.

In My Shoes

Creative Fundraising Ideas

Scholar Match-Need money for college, here is a creative idea


The Cucumber Quest Project

**Caine's Arcade**


post@posterous.com (Blog by phone)

Projects by Jen

Check out Oreo 2011 (That's the way the cookie tumbles online project)

The Swedish Twitter University
The Swedish Twitter University (@SvTwuni) is a place where interesting speakers — scientists, academics, etc. — tweet about exciting ideas from their respective fields. The presentation must comply with certain constraints, meant to stimulate creativity and challenge the tweeters to formulate their ideas as effectively and interestingly as possible: A presentation will be a maximum of twenty-five naturally broken 140-character tweets. That simple.


No longer give students assignments...give them creative briefs.