Professional Development and Contextualized Learning

  • Teaching and Learning Lunch
  • Faculty Inquiry or Best Practices Group
  • Learning Communities
  • Integration of Curriculum and Services
  • Regional Consortium
  • Professional DevelopmentCourses
  • Basic Skills/CTE Integration
Teaching and Learning Lunch
    • Teaching With Your Mouth Shut
    • Facilitating Seminars
    • Collaborative Learning
    • Classroom Assessment
    • Student Learning Outcome
    • Criterion Reference Grading
Best Practice Groups
    • Compare and Contrast Career Research Assignment
    • Activity Survey
    • Cross Curricular
    • Share Teaching Strategies

Learning Communities
    • Basic Skills Course Linked to a Transfer Course--College success course linked with developmental writing course
Integration of Curriculum and Services
    • Learning center
    • Writing center
    • Instructor consults with development of course
Integrating Basic Skills Into Academic and Occupational Curriculum--Regional Workshops
    • Math for Nursing
    • English for Nursing
    • How to design course
    • How to motivate students
    • Brain Based Research