They gave us a CD---Educator's Toolkit to Preparfe Students for Nontradional Careers---might be a good resource for an online class!

This would also be a great staff development resource...or a newsletter article..or for a staff meeting
Includes information on:
Non-traditional careers
Special Population

Labor Market Info
Spec Populations

Multiple Pathways to Success---Kenneth Gray "Others Ways To Win"

Facilitators Notes

White Board---Use a Page protector....eraser is a tissue...with a dry erase pen. Number them....then have a bag of the numbers to call on people randomly.
Know your Group---have them write who and what they are
Meet your facilitator
Use your whiteboard
We have your number
How to get attention....randomly call on people
Participate, Participate, Participate

Archived Webinars/Webcasts

Subtle Micro-Messages Impact the Success of Women and Girls in STEM

Pink Brain/Blue Brain-Gender Differences by Lisa Elliott

On the CD great photo Gallery---Taking The Road Less Traveled CD

Workforce Diversity---You tube video...Share with staff